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Delima Silalahi | Toba | 30-08-2020 | 0 
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Lambok & Kalang BZ | Samosir | 25-07-2020 | 0 
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Leorana Sihotang | Tapanuli Utara | 07-07-2020 | 0 
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Kalang BZ | Toba | 07-07-2020 | 0 
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Visit of The Social Forestry Agency and Environmental Partnership ( Badan Perhutanan Sosial dan Kemitraan Lingkungan / BPSKL ) to Huta Aek Napa
Kalang BZ | | 07-07-2020 | 0 

Monday, July 7th 2020. Op. Bolus Simanjuntak and Op. Ronggur Simanjuntak indigenous people accompanied by Kelompok Study Pengembangan Prakarsa Masyarakat/KSPPM ( Study Group for the Development People’s Initiative ) and Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara Tano Batak/AMAN Tano Batak ( The Indigenous People Alliance of Archipelago Tano Batak) has receive a visit from the representative of The Social Forestry Agency and Environmental Partnership(Badan Perhutanan Sosial dan Kemitraan Lingkungan / BPSKL) and Forestry Management Unity ( Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan / KPH ) region IV, Balige. From BPSKL came Yoseph Tien and from KPH represented by Irwan Butar-Butar. The meeting was held in Sosor Liang, Sipahutar. The meeting was a follow-up to efforts to resolve conflicts between indigenous peoples and PT Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL).

Based on hindsight, the struggle for recognition of customary land territory has been going on for almost... Read More

Delima Silalahi | | 00-00-0000 | 0 

The year 2020 begins with the most difficult times for humanity throughout the world, including Indonesia. Many plans, hopes and resolutions were built at the beginning of the year, dispersed intangible because of the Covid-19 virus outbreak that suddenly became familiar to the ears as well as frightening for everyone. In these three months, humans must limit many things, limit themselves from various routine activities carried out, limit themselves to gather and also maintain personal hygiene and the environment.

In the early days of the co-19 outbreak, we said, "the earth is at rest", many are happy to see the blue of the sky in Jakarta because human and industrial activities momentarily stop. It turns out that many humans crave a beautiful and awake earth. For a moment Covid-19 made us realize that the earth is beautiful, if we are not greedy. If the industrial, destroyers of the environment are not like vampires who suck up all the natural resources that exis... Read More

Angela Manihuruk | Samosir | 03-06-2020 | 0 

Gambar mungkin berisi: 2 orang, termasuk Sandres Siahaan, orang dudukWednesday, June 3th 2020. Samosir Regency Farmer Community(Serikat Tani Kabupaten Samosir / STKS) making a inaugural meeting after“new normal”. After nearly three months of meeting only through cyberspace, the Samosir Regency Farmer Community management and KSPPM finally held a limited discussion.

This meeting discussed a lot of things related to agricultural development in each group and also the program that will soon be carried out and also addressing the many complaints related to the distribution of aid funds for social safety network’s affected by covid-19 ... Read More

Entering New Normal Era’s, The Indigenous People Intimidation Still Occour
Angela Manihuruk | Samosir | 08-06-2020 | 0 

Three months since March 2020, is a difficult time of challenges fully due to the covid-19 pandemic that plague almost all countries, including Indonesia. This epidemic not only attacks human health, but also has an impact on economic aspects. Space for all humans is limited to prevent transmission of the virus. Don’t want to infected and infect others, these difficult times were utilized by the Golat Simbolon indigenous people to develop their farming business.

For almost three months they have been living at fields or what they usually called “Tombak” to strengthen their food foundation. In addition to planting coffee, they also are planting corn and tubers. But unfortunately, on their concentration period to survive on the covid-19pandemic, they were intimidated forestry official.

On Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 three members of the Golat Simbolon indigenous people community who were planting coffee and other crops were arrested by fo... Read More

Mahdianta Pandia | Toba | 00-00-0000 | 0 

It is not surprising if agrarian conflicts continue to increase every year, not least in the Batak land. Conflict is not caused because there are "provocateurs" or "people are still stupid" and do not understand the benefits of development. But because people's rights are taken away, claimed unilaterally by the state and even worse "given" to development agents both private companies and state-owned institutions. It is not uncommon for conflicts to occur because the community fights for the sake of defending their rights. Resistance is forced to be carried out because the seizure of people's rights to land is tantamount to a threat to their survival. The majority of people in Tano Batak live in the village must be faced with the fact that they have been living on state-owned land. In this context it should be noted that almost 60%... Read More

Position and Attitude of Ksppm Against President Joko Widodo's Commands and Statements Regarding Resolution of Agrarian Conflicts and Problems
Mahdianta Pandia | Samosir | 00-00-0000 | 0 

President Joko Widodo again showed partiality for the rights of the people. In the Limited Cabinet Meeting on May 3, the President ordered his staff to speed up the process of resolving land problems and agrarian conflicts involving the people with the Government, the people with SOEs and the people with private companies. Not to forget, the President also ordered the control of all concessions which had problems with protecting the rights of the people and indigenous peoples.

First of all, KSPPM gave high appreciation to the orders and statements of President Joko Widodo. Even though it is no longer new items during his presidency, the order and statement shows the commitment of the Head of State to resolve the fundamental issues regarding land and violations of rights that have plagued the people in the village, especially people who are in ... Read More



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