Entering New Normal Era’s, The Indigenous People Intimidation Still Occour

Three months since March 2020, is a difficult time of challenges fully due to the covid-19 pandemic that plague almost all countries, including Indonesia. This epidemic not only attacks human health, but also has an impact on economic aspects. Space for all humans is limited to prevent transmission of the virus. Don’t want to infected and infect others, these difficult times were utilized by the Golat Simbolon indigenous people to develop their farming business.

For almost three months they have been living at fields or what they usually called “Tombak” to strengthen their food foundation. In addition to planting coffee, they also are planting corn and tubers. But unfortunately, on their concentration period to survive on the covid-19 pandemic, they were intimidated forestry official.

On Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 three members of the Golat Simbolon indigenous people community who were planting coffee and other crops were arrested by four persons who claimed to be officers of the Forestry Management Unity (Kesatuan Pengelolaan Hutan)region XIII, Dolok Sanggul and one of the Samosir Regional Forestry Police Official. Officers accused them for cutting down trees and stealing wood in the State Forest Zone. However, the allegations were denied by the three community members, because they worked in customary areas that were owned for generations and had never cut wood in those areas.

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