A Glimpse Story of Buntu Mauli

Buntu Mauli is a village located in Sitio-tio Sub-district, Samosir. This village is in the Sumatra island part of Samosir district. To go to the village, you can use the land-route through Harian or you can take the boat from the Simbolon Purba village. Buntu Mauli has an area of 5.50 square kilometers with the division of the area based on the Gorat Huta which is divided into 11, namely: Tuko 1, Tuko 2/Situkko, Huta Gurgur, Ransang Bosi Tonga, Lumban Binanga, Dolok Martahan, Sosor Pasir, Dolok Nauli, Sitanggo-tanggo, Huta Godang, Sitonggi-tonggi. The first clans (marga) to come to the village were Sinaga and Situmorang who came from Urat. In the village there is still a raja bius who has a role, namely performing martonggo raja, which is used to inaugurate, open and close events. Raja bius is determined by who wants to live in the village and there is mutual agreement from community leaders in the village.

Buntu Mauli village has a population of approximately 184 families with 689 people. Their main livelihood is farmers with commodities from coffee, onions, corn and chilies. Sometimes they also work as Lobster and Fish fishermen as additional income. They did not plant rice because the soil is rocky and not suitable for the commodity. For agricultural land, people plant at the foot of the mountain so that it is close to a spring. The water they use is also used interchangeably by installing a hose to the house. On top of the mountain there are 3 large basins which flow from 3 different parts for water at home and for agricultural land. The people in the village have a creativity where they can make rotating water droplets so that agriculture can get enough and even water, the tools can be moved around so that they are not tired of spraying it. If water is lacking, some people have a water pump to draw water from Lake Toba. For the water supply, they never lack like other Samosir areas that have to struggle to get water.

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