Police repressive actions against indigenous people who want to meet the Minister of Environment and Forestry

Jakarta. The People’s Movement Alliance closed the TPL which conveyed its aspirations at the KLHK office, this afternoon (26 November 2021) at 17.40 WIB, the police were transported from Central Jakarta.

The representatives who were forcibly brought by the police were 40 indigenous people who came from the Lake Toba area who wanted to have an audience with Minister Siti Nurbaya from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Then several members of civil society organizations who are members of the TPL closing movement alliance were also brought along with the group of indigenous people. The actions of the police officers represent a very repressive state against people who want to meet with the Minister of Environment and Forestry.

The elders who were present from representatives of indigenous peoples also experienced violence from the police.

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