KSPPM Profile

Inspired by discussion groups on social issues and community struggles in North Sumatra, especially environmental issues and other structural cases in the early 1980s, a group of church members from various educational and occupational backgrounds established KSPH (Legal Awareness Study Group) on February 4, 1984, located in Siborongborong, North Tapanuli.

To sharpen the vision and complement the approach in its ministry, since February 23, 1985, KSPH changed its name to KSPPM (Study Group and Development of Community Initiatives). Then on September 9, 2005, KSPPM changed its institutional form from “Foundation” to “Association”. KSPPM’s concerns depart from the reality of poverty, political and democratic conditions, violations and violence against human rights, and the adverse impacts of development on the environment and people’s rights to natural resources. Within this framework, this institution conducts studies and research, organizing, popular education, and advocacy to assist marginalized people (farmers) in Tapanuli, North Sumatra. KSPPM’s participation with the people, especially in the midst of poor and marginalized farmers in rural areas, is based on the Christian spirit as written in the Gospel of Mark 1: 15 and Luke 4: 18-28 (S.R. DGI 1971, Pematang Siantar).

Since 1993 Sopo KSPPM moved to Parapat near Lake Toba. It now serves 3 regions: Humbang-Silindung, Toba, Samosir, since phasing out from the Dairi region in 2009.