Organization Chart

  1. The members of the Association as the highest decision maker, hold a General Meeting of Members once a year.
  2. The governing body is elected from and by the members at the General Assembly for a 3-year term. They are responsible to the General Assembly of KSPPM Association.
  3. The Internal Audit Board, consisting of 3 people elected at the General Assembly for a period of 3 years.
  4. The Executive Secretary or Program Director is responsible to the Executive Board with a 3-year term.
  5. Staff of the study and advocacy, organizing, and management divisions are responsible to the Executive Secretary or Program Director.

Composition of the Executive Board 2021-2024

Chairman: Pdt. JAU. Doloksaribu
Vice Chairman: Indira J. Simbolon
Secretary: Dimpos Manalu
Treasurer: Pdt. Setia Ulina br. Tarigan
Members: Pdt. Adventus Nadapdap
Saur Tumiur Situmorang
Arifin Telaumbanua

The composition of the Internal Audit Agency (BIA) for the 2021-2024 Period
1. Pdt. Rahel Naomi Simarmata
2. Eliakim Sitorus
3. Pdt. Mardison Simanjorang