Toba Farmers Union Supports the Indigenous Peoples Pomparan Op. Raja Nasomalo Marhohos Movement

Thursday, 12/11/2020, the Natinggir indigenous people community together with the Toba Farmers Union (FU) and the KSPPM held a celebration of International Food Day which fell on October 16. The celebration of International Food Day is celebrated on this day considering the struggle of the Natinggir indigenous people community who have just experienced repressive actions from the security forces of PT. Toba Pulp Lestari, Tbk (PT. TPL) (9 October). Based on this, FU Toba carried out a solidarity action for the indigenous people of Pomparan Op. Raja Nasomalo Marhohos Pasaribu Natinggir.
Today’s series of events began with a short service followed by keywords from ST Toba, represented by Sammas Sitorus as the Secretary of FU Toba. Then followed by A. Riko Pasaribu as representative of the Natinggir indigenous people, and followed by the Chairperson of the Janji Maria Farmers Group. Iwan Nando Samosir opened the way from KSPPM as well as a discussion at the event this afternoon. In his word, Sammas Sitorus, FU Toba felt what the Natinggir indigenous people felt in their struggle process. Therefore FU Toba is ready to support every struggle carried out by the Natinggir indigenous people. Currently, the indigenous peoples of Pomparan Op. Nasomalu Marhohos joined the extended family of the Toba Farmers Union.
Pak Riko who represented the Natinggir indigenous people in a word that sent his gratitude to KSPPM for accompanying in the struggle. Also, very grateful to FU Toba for taking the time to attend this event as a form of solidarity. With this event, the Natinggir indigenous people feel more enthusiastic and our struggle is not alone, supported by FU Toba’s friends who come from several sub-districts in Toba district.
Iwan Nando Samosir explained that almost all groups assisted by KSPPM had conflicts with PT. TPL. Therefore, by joining the Indigenous people community pomparan Op. Raja Nasomalo Marhohos to FU Toba further increases and the movement and spirit of Op. Raja Nasomalo Marhohos and spurring similar struggles elsewhere. In addition, Iwan Nando Samosir also led a discussion on the importance of land as a source of life and the identity of the Batak indigenous people at large. “If there is no land, no plants, then if there is no plant, there will be no life,” he said excitedly. He also advised that land is the source of life.
In this short discussion, Iwan Nando Samosir also invited the participants to spread this good news to a wide audience. They could see that the struggle of the Natinggir indigenous people community had been supported and many were sympathetic.
This activity was also enlivened by symbolic planting of incense seeds by the people of Natinggir, FU Toba, and KSPPM. This incense seed planting event was also carried out on the land that was being fought for. This land is also the point where the community was intimidated by PT. TPL. The purpose of planting incense tree seedlings is a symbol of the sovereignty of the Natinggir indigenous people and a form of reclaiming the land to which they are entitled. While planting Haminjon trees, Iwan Nando also explained that the purpose of planting Haminjon is to live in the future the children and grandchildren of indigenous peoples who have a life and a future, especially those in the village.

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