Inauguration of Sopo Perjuangan for Indigenous Peoples Hae Ni Horbo Sitanggang

Friday, February 24, 2021, Indigenous People Community of Golat Sitanggang held an inauguration of Sopo Perjuangan (Sopo: House/Office/Place to Meet. Perjuangan: Struggle) in the Hae Ni Horbo Sitanggang customary area, Bius Sijambur.

Sopo Perjuangan was built as a symbol of determination and commitment to continue to fight for their traditional territory. Sopo Perjuangan will also be used as a place for deliberation and discussion of the indigenous community.

Congratulations to the indigenous community of Golat Sitanggang and hopefully with the establishment of the Sopo Perjuangan will further add to the spirit of the indigenous people’s struggle to defend their ancestral traditional area which is claimed by the state as a State Forest Area.

Long live the struggle!
Land for the people!

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